Security Policy

By Ryan T. Trapani
March 25, 2014

The United States cannot ignore the risk of Al-Qaeda and Haqqani leadership exploiting instability in Pakistan.

By Luke Rodeheffer
March 31, 2014

Policy makers should begin preparing contingency plans, ranging from humanitarian operations to international peacekeeping missions, in preparation for a potential collapse of Russian control over the North Caucasus within the next decade.

By Anup Rao
December 9, 2013

Despite its wish to avoid outside arbitration and multilateralization of the South China Sea disputes, China’s actions demonstrate its concerted efforts towards exerting continuous and effective control over these territories.

By Pikria Saliashvili
November 25, 2013

An alternate analysis demonstrates that, in the long term, compromising certain aspects of privacy might not be the optimal solution to combating the evolving risk of terrorist networks.

By Alejandro Garcia
November 18, 2013

Since climate change cannot be adequately addressed by any one country alone, there is no better time for the United States to articulate a clear policy agenda for the Western Hemisphere that promotes economic progress, environmental and energy sustainability, and collaboration on security issues.


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